What’s in YOUR Keurig?

The Reclining Gentleman tagged me with this quiz, although his post-title was “Fancy a Brew?” so I thought it was going to be about beer. I was relieved to find out it wasn’t, since I can’t drink beer (gluten allergy), but then dismayed to find out it was really about coffee, which I don’t drink either (because yuck). Fortunately, TRG has his own anti-coffee stance (a hilarious read!), and changed all of the questions to be about tea. Which I love. I’ve left all of his tea-altered questions and inserted my own answers:

1) How many cups of coffee tea per day? Always one. Sometimes two. Always green!

2) What is your favorite caffeine delivery system? If caffeine is the goal, it’s Diet Dr. Pepper. Then Diet Coke. (Green tea is for the health-benefits. And to drink something warm.)


A few of my favo-flaves….

3) What was your best cup of  coffee  tea?  Maybe it was the one I was drinking at the end of the Writers’ Digest Conference in New York, last January. It was probably my current, standard, Honey-Lemon-Ginseng blend, but I can’t remember. I was dog-tired, brain-fried, my nerves were shot. I’d brought my favorite brown and white travel mug and had made tea in it from the hotel room’s coffee maker each morning. But this was the last day, and the previous afternoon I’d managed to successfully pitch my query to seven out of eight agents, so I was in a cautiously-optimistic happy-place that morning.

4) What was your worst cup of coffee tea? There is one kind on the shelf in my pantry: Double Green Matcha Tea, by Tea Republic. It’s too bitter. Not a fan. But my worst tea experience was when I was very little, maybe three or four, at a nice luncheon with my mom, and I accidentally plopped my elbow down into someone’s freshly-poured cup of tea. That didn’t tickle, though I do remember being somewhat fascinated by the resulting HUGE blister on my arm. (Where had all of that filler-liquid come from?) We had to leave the luncheon. (Sorry, Mom.)

5) What does your favorite mug say? Nothing. It’s just a blank, pea-green, boring-as-rocks, plain-ol’ mug. On-clearance from Kmart’s Martha Stewart collection, back in the… late ’90s? …early ’00s? Got about eight of them; only two still left.

6) How do you take your coffee tea? Just the hot water and the tea bag. No milk, sugar, honey. Nothing else! First punch the button on the Keurig, without a K-cup, so that just hot water comes through. Then stick in a bag that suits my needs that day:

  • Normal = Honey Lemon Ginseng
  • Feeling a cold/illness coming on = Echinacea Complete Care
  • Upset stomach or feeling Christmas-y = Peppermint (*this is the one exception to my always-green rule)
  • Before bed = Sleepytime Green.

7) When was your first cup? Hmmm…? I’ve been drinking tea since I can remember. (Though it used to be black tea with milk and sugar. Green tea has only been the past ten years or so.)

8) Have you ever gone on a coffee tea date? Tea date? Umm… does meeting your girlfriend at Starbucks before you go shopping together count?


Okay, and now to ping-it-forward: I’d like to know more about the beveragings of: WeaklyShortStories, Chris Martin, and Patrick Latter. The first two are talented writers, the third is an exceptional photographer. I don’t know if any of these busy-busy guys will have time to do this quiz-post, but even if they don’t, their sites are worth my unbelievably cool readers’ time to check out. 🙂

4 thoughts on “What’s in YOUR Keurig?

  1. I keep forgetting to do this. I’m not a huge fan of green tea. Just don’t like the taste. I have a friend who’s allergic to alcohol, an unfortunate ailment in my opinion.

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