Fiction Relay — Part 47

Fiction Relay — Part 43 (by me)

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Fiction Relay — Part 46 (by KC)

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Raj felt his body follow Melissa’s directives out of the hotel room and down to the car. Earlier, when she’d been asleep, he’d tried to summon food and drink to himself to try to regain strength to his body. But the water had just leaked through rotted holes in his necrotic system, and the piece of bread, once he’d forced it down his unresponsive esophagus, had festered in whatever pools of gastric juices that still lingered in his stomach, causing him violent cramps. And he was powerless to double over in pain, or vomit, or otherwise react. Bitch! This was her fault. He was a prisoner.

Almost. His mind was still free.

Now, she drove them west, He he fumed at his helplessness to avoid her command. He was trapped in his own head, the silence overwhelming. On the plus-side, she wasn’t prattling on about her imaginary prowess and her simpleminded revenge plan. Meagan-this, Meagan-that! He was beyond sick of hearing it. But she could have at least turned on the radio or something. He’d had nothing but strange silence from her for hours now, ever since she’d returned from trying to capture Meagan’s daughter.

Which, he suddenly realized, was right around the time she’d unwrapped that coyote statue from its old-looking bindings.  In fact….

From his  position in the backseat of the car he studied her. Melissa drove, staring at the road, her eyes unblinking. The coyote statue was perched on the dashboard, staring straight ahead, also. Raj didn’t remember Melissa having brought the statue down, though he could have missed it. But right now it was almost as if the coyote was the one directing Melissa.

Something brown and furry zinged across Raj’s singular stretch of focus on the road in front of them. Then something gray and furry. The car slowed, and Raj realized they were following a pack — no, a swarm — of live, snarling coyotes, who were running down the highway.

The mountain. He could see it now, coming into his line of vision. That’s where they were all heading. And even in his weakened state he could feel the energy emanating from it. He wondered…? With Melissa’s focus elsewhere, Raj let himself sink into the depths of his mind. He began to draw energy from the mountain, regaining strength. And power.



Spencer’s head throbbed like a bitch, which was probably the reason that the cramped room he was in was also blurry. He sat up, pressed a palm to the front of his skull, and looked around for the familiar female voice that had just called him, but he seemed to be alone. He didn’t think he’d been out too long. There was one window, but it was only slightly darker than it had been when the General had caught him taking photos in the secret room, right around sunset. The room that only the General — who obviously was neither the General nor his father — was supposed to know about. At that point the General, or “Sanderson,” or whoever/whatever this entity was, had been livid. Spence had felt the waves of fury radiating off the thing’s body, even as the face of his father grinned back at him. That’s when the sickening pain had hit Spence’s stomach and he’d doubled over before blacking out. Now he wondered why he wasn’t dead. Why hadn’t Sanderson killed him? And where the heck was she?


In a panic, he reached out for Blue. He was relieved to feel her, to find her alive. She was pissed at someone, but not him. Who? And she was confused. She was worried about her bike and about her mother. And, Spence noted with a small sense of amusement, she was reluctantly admitting to herself that she was worried about her father. Maybe she’d called Spence’s name in his head, but it had sounded as though she’d spoken the words aloud, not thought them.

And then his gut dropped in horror as he heard his own voice saying back to her, “Babe, stop worrying about your bike. We’ll come back for it as soon as we can.”

In that moment Spence knew why he hadn’t been killed. That thing — Sanderson — had needed him alive to be able to rummage through his mind and learn enough to get to Blue, and was now using some sort of mental-disguise with her. Spence thought of what he’d learned in that room. His camera was probably toast by now, but he hoped the Sanderson-thing wasn’t techno-savvy enough, and hadn’t read Spence’s mind enough, to know that all of Spence’s photos automatically uploaded to a cloud-server. But why? Why Blue? He flashed on a memory of Sanderson’s secret room and the stone table in the middle that was covered with rusty stains and prayed that wasn’t what Sanderson was thinking.

All of these thoughts flashed through Spence’s head in a fraction of a second, just before he heard his doppelganger say, “Now get your sexy ass over here, you’re too far away from me.” Spence felt the sensation of the other guy running his hand up Blue’s thigh. His horror was instantly charged with a jolt of possessive anger.

“Now there’s my girl,” he heard the person using his voice say.

Wrong, jerkoff, that’s my girl!

He could feel Blue growing weaker and more distant, the longer she was in this thing’s presence. He had to risk exposing to Sanderson the fact that he was conscious. He needed warn her.

It’s a trap Sammy, please be careful, nothing is what it seems, please Sammy, please be careful. 

He thought the words into her head, using her given name to shock her into realizing how serious this was. And he hoped that, for once, she’d listen to him. Blue didn’t respond. He couldn’t feel her anymore. Dread built in him. Please, babe, have some sort of trick up your sleeve to get away!

Interminable minutes ticked by. Spence realized his head felt better, and the room was no longer blurry. Then he notice his skin was tingling, like electric ant-feet crawling all over him.

“What the–?” He stood up and half-danced a couple steps to get away from whatever was causing the sensation, but was unsuccessful. Suddenly found himself outside, next to the blue mountain, and in Blue’s arms.

“Babe!” He crushed his lips to hers, and she responded, seeming as relieved as he felt. “How did you–?” He said against her lips, but she pulled back.

“No time now,” she said. “We’ve got incoming.” She jerked her head behind her, and Spence looked up to see a dark blob swiftly approaching. The blob seemed to be snarling and angry. A deep growl to his left made them both turn their heads. Four huge coyotes were on the ground next to two SUVs. They thrashed out of clothes like the General’s bodyguards usually wore. Spence pulled Blue behind him just as the first of the huge coyotes sprang.


Okay, TRG is up next! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Fiction Relay — Part 47

  1. Omg Dawn! I love the way you’re bringing everything together, so happy Spence and Blue are back together and equally as worried for them… those coyotes really are tricksters! And I never thought I’d feel bad for Raj for ANY reason but I felt sorry for his inability to eat lol! Melissa is totally being controlled (?) and I almost feel bad for her as well!
    Looks like everything is coming together at the mountain, can’t wait to see where we end up; and wow, we’re down to 4??? Yikes! ;-D

    • Thanks so much, Joanne! 🙂 Yeah, I think Spence and Blue, together, are an unexpected force to be reckoned with. (Although, apparently Sanderson is starting to get a clue. He at least knows to keep Blue from her parents. And now he would know she can teleport.) Haha — I’m glad I was able to make you feel bad for Raj! (And even Melissa.) It’s always more believable when the baddies have dimension, too. But I have no idea how this will all play out, and I have no clue what kind of havoc those coyotes will wreak before they’re done…?

      Yes, 4 of us left. We need more Relayers! Anyone?

  2. As always a very strong chapter Dawn.
    The Blue/Spence story is really starting to develop now, their combined power will be very strong i think – and it will need to be now the coyote army is beginning to gather…
    Raj’s character is fascinating, and i like the fact we have some sympathy for him now. Yes he has been very much a villain but now HE is the victim it seems that circumstances had made him what he was.
    I am buzzing with excitement at how this is all building to a crescendo now. Oh, and a bit nervous that it is me next haha

    • Thanks, TRG! 🙂 Yeah, Blue/Spence will be an interesting “power-combo” to develop. And Raj is still bad, but he and Melissa are also very misunderstood. (At least, they seem to see themselves that way.)

      I like your point from your comment above, about how we should be the ones to bring this story “home.” Okay, no more relayers until you start your next story. The Boss has spoken, peeps. 😉

  3. Whoops, sorry I missed this for a day or so…all this stupid annoyancy over my leg and such…>.< Awesome twists, Dianne! Hooray for Blue and Spence, and the discovery of "Sanderson" and his secret room…(insert danger sound here). And yippee (or is it just "Yip"?) for bringing all the strands together…Aunt Nancy appreciates the tribute. *eg*

    And yeah, I've had a bit of sympathy for Melissa and Raj all along, even though I was the one who killed him. :p Waiting eagerly for TRG and Twin's awesome work…Hey, wait! Doesn't that make me…50?? Ummm…not sure that's a good idea, really. *gulps*

    KC & Co.

      • Also…sorry, Dawn. I dunno where Dianne came from. Been doing that a -lot- lately…f’r instince, one of my favorite techs around here, Eugene…gets called Gideon, if I don’t concentrate. Whiskey-tango-foxtrot? >..<)

        I just need to know where we're going…is 50 just another (although celebrated) chapter, The End (for now…), or the real and for truly end (in which case I have a totally awesome idea about not taking over the last thing myself cause I don't feel like I earnt it either. ;p)

        • Haha! No worries — I’ve been called much worse! 😉

          My thought is that TRG has to be the one to end it. He’s the primary parent. I think he should write the last chapter, whether it’s when he does his next turn, or sometime subsequently. Just my thought, though. 😉

  4. i can’t reply direct to Dawn’s comment so i’m replying here…
    I’m not sure exactly when/where it will end, but it is coming fairly soon i think. I’m not assuming it will end on a particular number, it will end when the story finishes, whoever happens to be writing that episode.

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