Versus: Movies! (Midnight Special vs. Miss Peregrine)

midnight special vs miss peregrine

These movies seem to have very similar themes, and they are both coming out soon. And they both look good. Which would you choose? (Yes, yes, I know one comes out in March, and the other in September. But the trailers are both out now. And patience is not one of my virtues.) Vote on the poll below, and add your comments in the comments section. And thank you, in advance! πŸ™‚

I’m curious to see what you think!


10 thoughts on “Versus: Movies! (Midnight Special vs. Miss Peregrine)

  1. I am voting without watching the trailers, Miss Peregrine of course. I have read the books. Amazing works by Ransom Riggs. Now I’ll watch both the trailers and be right back.

    • Okay, I’m back. I want to see Midnight Special too. Looks good and I like Jeff Nichols films and the cast looks good, especially Kristin Dunst who I love. Did you see her in the second Fargo? Outstanding acting performance.

      Miss Peregrine does not disappoint, faithful to the books. Your kids would love them. AND… Eva Green is playing Miss P… I would walk on hot coals to see her, one of the sexiest women in film. This looks like it will be a good Tim Burton movie.

      • I know, right? They both do look good! (But if you could only pick one, life-or-death, which would you choose?) I saw the first Fargo (natch, since I’m a MN native!), but didn’t even know there was a second! I’ve liked KD since Interview w/ the Vampire, though. She’s pretty awesome. Yeah, need to read the MP books, myself. Maybe I can get my 9 y.o. interested in the books…. Thanks, Ted! *hugs!*

  2. I bought the first book (Miss Peregrine) for my well-read daughter a few years back. She thought it was great, but too scary for her younger brothers, and I never took the time to read it, myself. I need to get that book back (from my ex’s house) and read it. Plus the second MP. (Strangely, though she liked the first one, she had no interest in reading the second.)

    • I bought them for my granddaughter she’s almost 15 now. She just gave me the third one, as it just came out a bit ago. The second one was different from the first and I thought struggled at times. You can never capture the magic of a first book, but it was good.

      Which trailer did you like? And how did you come up with the idea of this post?

      • I like them both. I will probably see them both at some point, but if I had to choose where to spend my money on a theater, vs. PPV, I’d probably spend more on Miss Peregrine. Midnight Special feels like it might be a bit harder-hitting, ergo, more of a watch-at-home film.

        As to the idea for the post: I felt like I needed to write something a bit lighter than my last few posts, and — as I regularly peruse trailers on Apple, and I also know that “vs” polls are fun — the idea just sort of formed in my head. It was quick, easy, and it’s something that was genuinely interesting to me. πŸ™‚

        • I thought it a great idea and I’m thinking of stealing it.

          Yes, your last few posts… WTF was that Application??? Actually, it is a good idea to have those questions answered if a relationship becomes serious to that point.

          • Do it! It’s a fun, easy post, and not my original idea, so feel free to “steal” it! πŸ˜‰

            The application…? You mean my RFQ post? Yeah, it was (mostly) in jest, but some of those questions are ones I’d rather know up-front. (And the whole thing was very parallel to the kinds of questions potential clients ask us to answer before they’ll consider hiring us to build their $20M project. Go figure.) Not that I’ll get any actual responses on it. but it opens up an important discussion on how much/how little we know about people we date — which mostly happens online these days. Maybe it’s better to get to know a person better before investing romantic feelings in them. (It’s a new approach for me. Maybe it’ll work better than my previous, haphazard approach.)

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