Friday night I met him. Him. He’s everything, the whole package: tall, strong, kind of has a Channing Tatum thing going on in the looks department (I think – can’t remember his face, exactly). He’s ex-military, very smart, and it was like I’d known him my whole life. Everything just felt so comfortable. And then he picked me up into his arms and flew me to a mountaintop…. Oh, yeah – did I mention that he has a superpower?

And that I met the man of my dreams… in an actual dream? *insert innocent-grin emoji*

But it felt so real. I mean, I really felt his presence….

In the dream I had a superpower too — can you guess what mine was?


I thought this was the superpower I wanted…

I often ask the question, “If you could have one power in the entire super-verse of powers, what would it be? My own answer is always super-speed: I love the idea of being able to get so much more done in a day. But in the dream, my power turned out to be force fields. Reflecting on this later, I realized that many of the guys I’ve dated since my divorce would probably say this was a no-brainer, but it had honestly never occurred to me before. (Isn’t the subconscious great?) In fact, after a recent


…turns out this one is. Okay, cool. I can work with this.

date, one guy later told me that when he’d gone to hug me (I was pretty sure he was going to try to kiss me), I’d thrown up my walls so fast and hard, he said, “it would’ve hurt less if you’d slapped me.” Oops. (Sort of.) The other reason the force field superpower makes sense is because my overriding drive is to be safe. And let’s face it: paranoia only gets you so far. 😉

Anyway, I remember being securely in his strong arms, nuzzled against his neck while we flew. Even his scent was… safe. Shortly, my guy landed us on a grassy expanse on a mountaintop. It was beautiful – a crisp, clear day, the sky a vibrant blue. There was some church group on a camping trip in the distance. Suddenly, a 2-person plane crested a ridge on the far side of the plateau. Its engine sputtered once and cut. Silence. Then the plane dropped. A second later it crashed on the mountaintop.

Right next to a group of children from the church group.


The hideous, metallic groan vibrated in my ears as I watched in horror (completely forgetting I had force field powers which could’ve protected everyone), while the lone adult overseeing the kids tried to shield them. Then my mom-instincts kicked into overdrive. I tried to run for the kids, but He held me back, just for a moment. He was concerned about protecting me, keeping me away from the dangerous fuselage. But we both knew we had to help. He released me, and I bolted straight for the kids, while he darted to rescue the plane’s two passengers.

Then I woke up.

We’d never kissed (my lips may have brushed his neck while he was flying 😉 ), I didn’t know his name, and can’t even remember for sure what he looked like – just an impression. But I had the biggest, stupidest smile on my face for the rest of the morning. *sigh!* (In case you’re wondering, I also knew we’d succeeded in saving everyone – it was a happy dream.)

So this, apparently, is what/who I’m holding out for. Since my dream was perfect, I didn’t have to do anything threatening, like deal with emotions, or worry about trust. I wonder how that would’ve gone down. I also wonder what his flaws are, since I was so terribly interested in him, and in real life I’d be bored-to-tears by someone who was flawless. (Besides, everyone knows that all decent superheros have serious character flaws, which they’re constantly trying to overcome.)

But still, I don’t think I’ll ever have a more perfect first date. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Him

    • Lol – thanks, Sam! I mean, right? This guy hit all of my criteria and THEN some. (Superpowers!) And he totally fit into my life. If only he were real…. On the plus side, you can bet I’ll be getting more sleep now, if THAT’S what I get when I dream. 🙂

      • Yeah, I was excited to hear about the superpowers cause I kinda feel like I have my own sometimes! Ah well…Ive said it before, what are we without our fantasies after all. All I had was a weird dream about Alec Baldwin last night so I’m gonna try to stay awake as long as possible!!

        • Bwahahahaha! (Sorry about the delay – my phone was being all wonky at lunch and it was too hard to reply.) If you could have one superpower, what would it be? (And what superpower(s) do you have?)

          • Well first off, I actually *am* Superdad so no trouble there. I’d like to think mine is Intuition…for sure. Which may make me a pretty boring dude but, comes in handy more often than you’d think. It also causes me a lot of heartache…

            Also…there is, no doubt two of me, polar opposites that meet in the middle to combine one superhuman male who can’t be defeated, capable of anything. This, though, requires an inspiration/counterpart. Sometimes an ally…unfortunately, often a villain. So there’s your clearer insight into how I think of myself lolololll.

            Other than that? I’d be a time travelling squirrel, but a really smart one that doesn’t get crushed in the road, and no one would ever suspect me. 🐿💡

    • Okay, I have an idea. Get dressed up (sexy, but tasteful) and go to Pearl Street where the pianos are and sit down and pretend to play. (If you know how to actually play the piano go ahead, I just faked it) Then look around and when you see a nice guy intently watching you without laughing, go say “Hi”.

      • Hahaha! First off, I’m pretty sure Pearl St. is “closed up” for the season, at this point (they close down the fountains in early September, and the street performers stop soon after). Second, yes, I can actually play the piano (it’s been a while, but think I could eek out a few decent chords), but if I actually saw a guy watching me intently, I’d assume he was judging my bad musical abilities and was only interested in the music. Third, if I got past all of that, he’d probably be a 30-something, long-haired vegan with a bicycle and no car, who worked at Alfalfa’s to pay for his overpriced studio apartment (near NCAR!) and supplement his (nonpaying) artist-career. And he’d probably hate kids. 😛 Meeting guys isn’t my problem – meeting one who could actually fit into my life is. And I know that part of that is because of my own walls and self-imposed restrictions, and part of that is because it’s just tough to “find someone.” But I’m at a point now where I’m okay with being “picky,” and I’m tired of looking. I’ve met a lot of nice guys, but none who were right for me.

    • Nah – I’ve given up on dating (again). There’s a bit of drama in my “real life” (with my kids), and I’ve just gotta deal with that. None of the guys I’ve ever met on online dating sites “fit” into my real-world, anyway. And besides: who needs any of that when I get to have dreams where I date superheroes? 😀 😉

    • I know, right? They weren’t even my own religion, they were some cult-sect type of group. Weird-subconscious stuff. 😛 And, yeah, I hope I find him, too. In the meantime, I’m getting more sleep….

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