Request For Qualifications (RFQ) for Design-Build Services for Long-Term Relationship

(*updated 3/16/2017)

The Mouse, of The Mouse’s Soapbox (or, the Soapbox), is currently seeking a partner in a Design-Build relationship, of the “soulmate” variety of relationships. This is an RFQ – Request for Qualifications – only. An RFP (Request for Proposals) is not being sought at this time; no definitive date has been set for release of an RFP. The Mouse reserves the right to rescind this RFQ at any time, and there are no guarantees an RFP will ever be released by the Soapbox. However, interested parties are encouraged to respond – all responses that meet qualifying criteria will be given serious consideration.


The Mouse is a 48 year-old single mom in Westminster, Colorado. Previously married for 22 years, divorced in June 2014. Eight children, three of whom are still non-adults (ages 10-15). Stay-at-home mom for fifteen years; re-entered the workforce in January 2014. Currently works for an awesome general contractor in Longmont. (Marketing coordinator — in case you couldn’t tell, from the fact that she’s trying to date, via an RFQ. 😉 ) Nearly impossible to cook for, as she is gluten-free and dairy-free. Enjoys hiking, reading, dancing, and playing trivia games. Practices yoga and Catholicism daily; is very imperfect at both (falls down a lot). Sagittarius, B.A. in Philosophy, aspiring writer — fiction: romantic suspense, thrillers.

Having tried unsuccessfully, through various means, to meet a partner qualified to engage in a Design-Build relationship  (i.e. speed dating, OkCupid, and “by accident” — all of which lack the ability to control intake-metrics), The Mouse has decided to take matters into her own, picky hands. (Schematic Design (SD) follows, at the end of this RFQ.)

Preliminary Qualifying Criteria

  • Male.
  • Between the ages of 48-53. (As adorable as the young guys were, who approached me on OkCupid, the only thing I could think was, Gee, you’re closer to my older kids’ ages than mine. And since I’m now equating you with my kids, the thought of dating you makes me want to throw up. Literally. Sorry.)
  • Single.
  • Lives in Colorado as a primary residence, north of I-70, west of I-25. Ideal range is Arvada to Longmont; Northglenn to Boulder.
  • Non-smoker (occasional cigars okay, outdoors).
  • Pets: dogs okay (maybe better than okay); no cats; fish – meh.

Response Format

Please keep answers brief and succinct. Photos are encouraged, though responses containing inappropriate materials will be automatically disqualified. (No dick-pics. Even though we’re sure yours is lovely.) Please submit one (1) response in .pdf format to There is no deadline on responses; please keep in mind that RFQ may be rescinded at any time, without prior warning.

  1. Executive Statement – Give a brief (2 page, max – can be shorter) cover letter and Statement of Differentiation, highlighting your strengths and greatest assets.
  2. Profile – Statistical (1 page, max)
    a. Legal – Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Have you been involved in any litigation in the past 5 years? (Include divorce in your response, if applicable.) Are you currently involved in any pending litigation? (If yes to any of these questions, please explain.)
    b. Financial – Are you gainfully employed? Please elaborate. (As this is not an RFP, you will not be required to furnish bank statements at this time. However, if shortlisted on this RFQ, you must be prepared during the Interview-stage to provide proof of employment, such as introduction of coworkers, etc.)
    c. Education – What is your highest degree of education and field of study?
    d. Military – Have you ever served in the military? (If yes, please list country of service, branch, dates of service, and highest rank achieved.)
  3. Profile – Relationship(s) – Give your background and relationship history. (No page limit.) Include in your response answers to the following questions:
    a. Have you ever been married? If yes: For how long? Why did that relationship fail? If no: Why not?
    b. Are you currently: in a relationship, separated, legally separated, married, or “it’s complicated?”
    c. Is there currently, or has there ever been, anyone you refer to as “the love of your life?” If yes: Explain/describe.
  4. Q & A – (3 pages, max) Please answer the following:
    a. List up to 20 attributes/qualities you are seeking in a potential mate.
    b. List up to 10 songs that describe or define your ideal relationship.
    c. Briefly describe an ideal first date.
    d. Briefly describe an ideal fifth date.
  5. Background/Personal Assessment – (No page limit.) Explain what you think is most important for the Soapbox panel to know about you that is not covered in your Executive Statement or in Items 2-4.

Scoring Criteria

Please note: All below criteria will eventually hold equal weight. However, since physical chemistry is the most difficult to assess without an in-person meeting, only partial points will be awarded in the Physical Chemistry Potential category, thus giving greater weight to the other two categories.

Friendship potential – 40 pts. The Mouse has many friends, but the person who would ultimately fill this category must be of best-friend-worthy status. This status is difficult to attain, and this category will not be fully scored until shortlist interviews are complete. However, partial points of varying degrees will be awarded on the basis of applicant’s potential to be a Mouse-friend, for the purpose of developing a shortlist. (The best way to do this is to prove you are an open-minded, awesome geek.)

Lifestyle compatibility potential – 40 pts. This category will answer questions such as working hours and how respondent interacts with children/teens/young adults. The Soapbox panel is looking for someone who is not only comfortable in a one-on-one dating situation, but who is also comfortable in a family setting, with the Mouse’s kids. Further, the Mouse is seeking someone who is reasonably geographically nearby, and who keeps similar wake/sleep hours, and who can come over and hold her on rough nights. Like when the wind is scary. (Geography, work-hours, and kid-friendliness aside, what do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?)

Physical chemistry potential – 20 pts. This category will be scored based on accompanying photos (minimum of 3), which should be recent (within the past 2 years), and which should demonstrate respondent’s fashion aesthetic and paint a picture of overall lifestyle. (You don’t have to wear Armani, drive an Aston Martin, or be in Thor-shape (*grins* totally okay if you are). As previously stated, “that X factor” of chemistry is hard to assess from photos. What we’re looking for here is potential that wouldn’t deter from the lifestyle compatibility category. In other words, do you care about your appearance?)


Please submit one (1) RFQ response, per respondent, in .pdf format to Please include responses to Response Format questions, plus accompanying photos (minimum of 3), keeping in mind Preliminary Qualifying Criteria and Scoring Criteria. Please include name and email address, at minimum, at front of submission. References may be included with submission.

Schematic Design

Here’s what you will be working with:


At work (my previous job), spring 2015.


On a ride with my monkeys, summer 2015.


Poolside, summer 2015


Howl at the moon - cropped

Dancing at Howl at the Moon, fall 2015

Denver Escape Room

Winning! (Denver Escape Room, with 6 of my monkeys, winter 2016)


Atop Flatiron 2, March 2016.

11 thoughts on “Request For Qualifications (RFQ) for Design-Build Services for Long-Term Relationship

  1. If I weren’t married I would heartily respond. Youre gorgeous, smart and honest

    And I don’t even play for the “other” team! Lol


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  3. A lady is a lady
    This I truly believe
    For there are men
    Who take the lady to only deceive
    For the honor of a true Godly man
    The woman’s honor he will retrieve
    For the passion of a woman’s heart is for prince charming to come
    Her heart forever will believe
    To marriage she desires with love and compassion
    With many children to conceive
    To love the lady with all your heart
    Is the many blessings from God a true hearted man will receive

  4. How ever did I miss this one? I guess any guy who goes thru this process might be a keeper. Good thing you led off with that photo. I guess I don’t qualify, as I don’t date women my daughter’s ages. Although nothing says I can’t take one out to dinner when I finally get to meet her.

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